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Why Choose
Domain Name Registration in Singapore

Domain Names have infinite possibilities and that is why you want something that's both eye-catching and attention-grabbing, as well as something that is easy to remember and rolls off the tongue when people speak about you or your business. Have you ever listened to the radio or seen an ad on television where business’ advertise their website and then a day or two later you try to remember it and you simply can't? It's because their domain name is either not catchy enough or too difficult to remember.

Register your domain name in Singapore today and create a base for your website at

We provide thousands of Singaporean domain names where you can register your .COM.SG, .COM, .ORG, .CO, .NET and much more.

Domain registration can be somewhat confusing for first-time users and sometimes a lot of business’ don't know where to start. At, we are the first choice for all Singaporean domain names and we won’t be beaten on service or price. Simply head to and search for the domain name you wish to register and select your extension (e.g. - .COM, .COM.SG, .NET, .ORG, .CO). If you're confused which extension will work best for your business, our friendly domain registration team are ready and willing to help you make the best choice! There are also options for country code TLDs such as .COM.SG which is the most commonly used Singaporean Domain for businesses in Singapore.

Once you have chosen the ideal domain name for your you can then proceed to our easy checkout service and after payment has cleared your domain will be instantly activated and you're done and ready to start dominating the World Wide Web. It's as easy as that!

And what if the domain name you want is taken you ask? You could try several variations of your first choice, or simply put it on back order and the minute it becomes available we will let you know! How simple is that?

At we pride ourselves on being the easiest to use and best value registrar in Singapore. Register your domain today!.

Domain Name Help
What is a domain name?

A domain name is a word or group of words used to uniquely identify your website. Domain names come with hundreds of different extensions known as top-level-domains, such as .com, and In most cases they represent the geographic location or country of the website that the domain name was registered for.

Why do you need a domain name?

Much like the physical address of a business, a domain name serves two main purposes. The first is the address for your website, or physical location of your site on the World Wide Web. By typing your domain name into the address bar, visitors are directed to your website, in the same way they could search a map for a physical address and arrive at your place of business. The second function of a domain name is to act as a mailing address. Online users can send emails to an email address that features your domain name. This email will arrive in your inbox. This works in the same way a regular letter to your business address will arrive in your post box.

What domain name should I register?

When choosing the ideal domain name for your business you should consider the geographical location of your business, your industry and your company name. In Singapore domain names are the most popular and by default the is targeted to web searches made within Singapore. So for Singaporean business’s a domain is the ideal option. If you are looking at operating on an international scale then a more generic domain extension such as a .com might work best. recommends registering several variations and extensions of your chosen domain name including,, .com and .net to protect your business’ identity online.

How do I register a domain name?

You will need an account with an accredited domain name registrar. However, if you need .sg domains (like or .net.g) you should use an accredited Singaporean registrar, like For Singaporean businesses, it's strongly recommended to register both and to protect your online brand from competitors. A domain name is a powerful asset. You need to consider other similar domain name variations that could confuse your customers, whether it is appropriately descriptive and memorable, how easy is it for people to share and a number of other factors that can determine the success of your online business.

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